TLC Veterinary Clinic

Open Monday- Friday 8:30AM-6PM

Since 1986, TLC Veterinary Clinic has been helping the pets of the South Puget Sound, we do our best to provide you the best care for your furkid — if we can help, we will.

Dr. Shea Miller and the TLC Team look forward to seeing your pet pals!

***Now located at 1100 Eastside St SE***

Please note that we accept most major credit cards. We DO NOT accept Care Credit at this time. 

Please be kind to our team, we understand you are frustrated but we are trying our best to help you. Due to Covid we have limited appointments and availability.

We are accepting New Clients to the South Puget Sound, however, we are not accepting transfers from other clinics.



Things at TLC will be changing

TLC will soon be undergoing a softwear update! This means are way of contacting you may change. Please be flexible with us!


Days that we are closed

April 25th

May 27th-30th

June 17th-21st

July 4th-5th

Aug 29th- September 5th

October 26th-31st

November 24th-26th

December 23rd-27th